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We specialize in registers, grilles, and diffusers (RGD's) for all wall, floor and ceiling vent covers. We provide return and supply grilles, custom sizes and shapes. All of our products are made in the USA. 

If you are looking for an air grille for your home, Grillmaster, Inc. offers a great selection of the highest quality vent cover products to make certain you find precisely what you need. With our variety of choices, you will have no difficulty finding the right part.

What Is a Return Air Grille?

Grilles are designed to pull air out of a room, ensuring energy efficiency and relative comfort while also providing circulation back to the central heating or air conditioning unit. In other words, by recycling air through the central heating and AC unit, grilles bypass the inefficiency of sealed ducts while also supplying sufficient heating/cooling to every room in the house, without over pressurizing the house. They are normally installed in a wall, ceiling, or an opening in the floor, and are a major part of home and HVAC design. In fact, without return air grilles, circulation is nearly impossible, as you need both registers and air grilles to work in tandem to guarantee proper temperature control.



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